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WEBINAR: The New Science of Motivating and Retaining Quality Teachers

Thursday, May 3rd at 4 PM EDT

Elevating School

Schools that discover a higher, more enduring purpose provide a more engaging climate for educators and students

Engaging Passionate Educators

Educators who love teaching and learning are the key to engaging students to develop a passion for learning

Fostering a Climate of Empowerment

An environment focused on meeting the core needs of educators and students is the key to student achievement

Igniting a Passion for Discovery

When a school supports students to discover their calling, anything is possible when it comes to excelling and learning

How Can a School Help Children Realize Their Greatest Possibilities?

There exists a set of greatest possibilities, an ultimate potential a school, its educators, and most importantly, its students can realize. The MasterStory Project takes educators and students on the journey to those possibilities by first discovering the school’s deepest purpose, your most deeply held belief, driving force, and source of inspiration for everything you do in the service of educating your students. Simply put, it's your “Why.” This journey activates imagination, laying the groundwork for a fully engaged and inspired team of educators. Learn more.

Second, we lead all of your educators on a journey of personal discovery, helping them to activate their deepest calling in the service of supporting the school's MasterStory. Learn more. 

Third, we provide your educators the tools and evidence-based practices to instill this new vision in the day-to-day life of the school, building a healthy climate that supports educators and students alike to realize their deepest needs. Learn more. 

Finally, we provide your educators a world-class curriculum to assist students to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. Learn more. 

If you are seeking to elevate your school’s potential to engage teachers and make a significant impact on the lives of the children you teach, the MasterStory Project offers you, your leadership, your educators, and your students an approach grounded in the latest research to transform your school.

What kinds of outcomes can you expect?

Expect powerful impact on four fronts.


The product of the MasterStory Project is the development of a living document that informs the practice of the whole school, increasing engagement from all its members—administrators, teachers, students, and their families. The creation of this new story is a call to action for the school, each department, and each educator to become authors of the school's destiny, providing an opportunity for all members to share in identifying the school’s foundational ideals that will serve as their “North Star,” providing clarity about what the school as a whole aspires for its future. 

The MasterStory Project Team of expert educators supports the action steps that develop out of this process, providing the customized tools and support structures needed to help bring your MasterStory to life and make it operationally sustainable. 


Expect your educators to be reinvigorated and the engagement and passion for teaching to soar.

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Your school climate will profoundly shift. And it's measurable. We rely on the School Climate Assessment Instrument developed by John Schindler, PhD and his team at The Alliance for the Study of School Climate (ASSC) at California State and we have consistently moved schools from unhealthy climates to one that ensures the growth of educators and students alike.


Expect students who participate in the Quest for Your Possible Curricula to experience a renewed thirst for growing and learning, and concomitant improvements on traditional measures of achievement. 

A 3-Day Training Program to be Certified to Deliver a Revolutionary, New Curriculum for Secondary Students to Assist Them to Discover Their Purpose in Life

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